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Dracula’s Child de J.S. Barnes

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Genre : Fantasy, Horreur, Historique Dracula's Child

Editeur : Titan Books

Année de sortie : 2020

Nombre de pages : 576

Titre en français : pas encore traduit

Synopsis : Dracula returns…

It has been some years since Jonathan and Mina Harker survived their ordeal in Transylvania and, vanquishing Count Dracula, returned to England to try and live ordinary lives. But shadows linger long in this world of blood feud and superstition – and, the older their son Quincy gets, the deeper the shadows that lengthen at the heart of the Harkers’ marriage. Jonathan has turned back to drink; Mina finds herself isolated inside the confines of her own family; Quincy himself struggles to live up to a family of such high renown. And when a gathering of old friends leads to unexpected tragedy, the very particular wounds in the heart of the Harkers’ marriage are about to be exposed…

There is darkness both within the marriage and without – for, while Jonathan and Mina wrestle with the right way to raise a child while still recovering from the trauma of their past lives, new evil is arising on the Continent. A naturalist is bringing a new species of bat back to London; two English gentlemen, on their separate tours of the continent, find a strange quixotic love for each other, and stumble into a calamity far worse than either has imagined; and the vestiges of something thought long-ago forgotten is, finally, beginning to stir…


Avis : A VENIR

The Midnight Circus de Jane Yolen

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Genre : Nouvelle, Horreur et FantasyThe Midnight Circus

Editeur : Tachyon

Année de sortie : 2020

Nombre de pages : 256

Titre en français : pas encore traduit

Synopsis : “Jane Yolen is the Hans Christian Andersen of America” -Newsweek

Welcome to the Midnight Circus – and watch your step. The dark imaginings of fantasy icon Jane Yolen are not for the faint of heart. In these sixteen brilliantly unnerving tales and poems, Central Park becomes a carnival where you can – but probably shouldn’t – transform into a wild beast. The Red Sea will be deadly to cross due to a plague of voracious angels. Meanwhile, the South Pole is no place for even a good man, regardless of whether he is living or dead.

Wicked, solemn, and chilling, the circus is ready for your visit – just don’t arrive late.


Avis : A VENIR

I don’t want to give a mark to this book because I feel like I’m not the one who should mark it.

This is a beautiful book, the photographs are great and create an atmosphere while the reader is perusing The Spirit of Botany. They are immersed in kind of another world, a world I couldn’t fully enter. Not because I didn’t want to, but because I was ill-at-ease at times.

Actually, I think this book is not what I expected. Maybe I thought it would look like Floriography: An Illustrated Guide to the Victorian Language of Flowers, a book I adored! But The Spirit of Botany is far more personal and it made me uncomfortable for some reasons.

Despite that, I learnt a lot and I’m thinking about learning more about essential oils! The book is well presented, clear, and the author explains every step of the recipes carefully, always giving warnings when needed and saying why this must be done this or that way.

I’m going out of this read wanting to know more, but still convinced I kind of missed something here.


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